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Recently, life insurance companies have introduced new insurance policies that are targeted at people planning for their retirement. 
These policies required a large annual premium to be paid for 10 to 20 years and allow a monthly sum to be drawn down from a certain age, say age 65, for the rest of their life.  
Some plans allow the monthly payout to be increased yearly to keep in line with inflation.  
The insurance agents sell these plans enthusiastically as a solution to help a person to prepare for retirement. 
In this book, I analyze a life insurance policy that has recently been launched in Singapore. I shall describe this as the “Retire Soundly” plan.  
I will point out some of the key features of this policy, so that the consumer is able to judge the suitability of this policy. 
I have seen a few insurance policies introduced by other life insurance companies which contain features that are similar to this policy. It is likely that most of the results of this analysis apply to the other plans as well. 

Tan Kin Lian  
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