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Issues that have closed recently

View 18 Jun 2019Should subsidised wards in hospitals be air conditioned?50
View 18 Jun 2019Why did Singapore embark on a Smart Nation project?43
View 17 Jun 2019Who should build the infrastructure for the 5G network?50
View 17 Jun 2019How should LHL deal with the uproar over his remarks on the "invasion" of Cambodia?47
View 16 Jun 2019Which is better to commemorate the bicentennial celebration?38
View 16 Jun 2019Should specialised bodies be appointed to manage escrow accounts?36
View 15 Jun 2019What makes a good nature person?38
View 15 Jun 2019What makes a bad nature person?43
View 14 Jun 2019Should the 5G licence be given free to operators?40
View 14 Jun 2019Should the govt set a minimum wage?43
View 13 Jun 2019The erratic behavior of Trump reflects the weakness of the US system40
View 13 Jun 2019Is it wise to spend $4.85 billion to complete the Circle Line?42
View 10 Jun 2019How to encourage families to have more children?38
View 10 Jun 2019What is your assessment of the Smart Nation project?35
View 09 Jun 2019What is your main worry for the future?43
View 09 Jun 2019How can the govt help poor elderly citizens?36
View 08 Jun 2019Which political party do you support (top choice)?42
View 08 Jun 2019Should we continue to expand our MRT network?41
View 07 Jun 2019Should NRIC be kept private?45
View 07 Jun 2019Which change in the democratic process do you like most?43
View 06 Jun 2019Should enrolment in local universities be increased for local students?45
View 06 Jun 2019Is the concern over online privacy justified?40
View 05 Jun 2019Was the 2019 general election in Indonesia carried out fairly?38
View 05 Jun 2019Why did Lee HY decide to provide the deposit for Jolovan Wham's appeal?44
View 04 Jun 2019Is it important for objectors to continue the fight against the fake news law?48
View 04 Jun 2019What is the best way to continue the fight against the fake news law?42
View 03 Jun 2019Which of the following event caused most damage to LHL's reputation?57
View 03 Jun 2019What should be the strategy for the non PAP party?47
View 02 Jun 2019Which is the best way for Heng SK to rebuild a sense of unity?54
View 02 Jun 2019When do you expect the PAP govt to fall?56
View 01 Jun 2019What is the cause of the slow business in the Jewel?60
View 01 Jun 2019What should be the govt's response to the global economic slowdown?55
View 31 May 2019What is the key factor that will make you vote non PAP?57
View 31 May 2019Will you vote for a non PAP candidate who does not look impressive?55
View 30 May 2019National service is a major factor in our low birth rate.51
View 30 May 2019What happens if every politically conscious person vote non PAP?54
View 29 May 2019Is POFMA an attempt by the govt to cause difficulty to its opponents?56
View 29 May 2019Should the govt relax its restriction on marrying foreign spouses?50
View 28 May 2019Should LHL take legal action against his sister LWL?62
View 28 May 2019Should Singaporeans sign a petition to show disagreement with POFMA?55
View 27 May 2019Should the govt reduce the inflow of foreign workers?69
View 27 May 2019Should LHL ask the AG to drop the complaint against LHY's wife over LKY's will?64
View 26 May 2019What are your views about President's Halimah's visit to China?64
View 26 May 2019Is a HDB flat a good investment?61
View 25 May 2019Which party caused the failure of the negotiation on the US China trade dispute?59
View 25 May 2019Should the finance minister exercise control over infrastructure expenditure?62
View 24 May 2019Are people poor because of laziness?60
View 24 May 2019What will happen next in the US China trade war.59
View 23 May 2019Are the PAP leaders are responsible and accountable?61
View 23 May 2019Are the PAP leaders competent?60
View 22 May 2019Are poor people lazy?61
View 22 May 2019If the govt provide free services, will it be abused?62
View 21 May 2019What do you expect on the US China trade dispute?64
View 21 May 2019Is tariff and protectionism good for a country?59
View 20 May 2019What will happen to Malaysia under the Pakatan govt?52
View 20 May 2019Is it wise for LHL to allow the AGC to lodge a complaint over LKY's will?54
View 19 May 2019Will the govt implement the fake news law actively?47
View 19 May 2019What is the best way to solve youth unemployment?36
View 18 May 2019Will higher tariffs imposed by US affect the China economy?47
View 18 May 2019Should America impose tariffs on China alone?38
View 17 May 2019Should reservist duty be reduced from 10 years to 5 years?49
View 17 May 2019Who should take the blame for the death of Aloysius Pang?44
View 16 May 2019Is it acceptable to describe the LHL govt as a corrupt one?42
View 16 May 2019Should the minister of defense take responsibility for the death of Aloysius Pang?37
View 15 May 2019Heng SK gives a top focus for jobs for Singaporeans.46
View 15 May 2019Is Heng SK physically fit to take the strain of leadership?41
View 14 May 2019Is it necessary for the govt to pass a law to control fake news?49
View 14 May 2019What are your views about the leaks in the Jewel at Changi.43
View 13 May 2019Young people are more open to extremist views posted online.42
View 13 May 2019Govt's response to the negative feedback on the fake news law37
View 10 May 2019Does Malaysia have a legitimate concern over the ILS in Selectar?35
View 10 May 2019Should the govt protect consumers from bad business practices?35
View 09 May 2019Which slogan is better for non PAP coalition?47
View 09 May 2019Should the govt spend more on infrastructure and buildings?39
View 08 May 2019Should the AGC take action against LHY's wife over LKY's will?46
View 08 May 2019Did LHL get much respect from China during his visit to the BRI forum?45
View 06 May 2019Is someone shared news about severe leaks in Changi Jewel, should he be penalized?48
View 06 May 2019Is Tripartism (between unions, employers, govt) good for Singapore?46
View 05 May 2019If a passenger makes a verbal security threat, what should the airline do?46
View 05 May 2019Should the govt accept a large donation and give citizenship to the donor?42
View 04 May 2019Should Hyflux be saved?50
View 04 May 2019Is it worthwhile to preserve the know-how in Hyflux?51
View 03 May 2019Should Nicholas Lim be given a higher penalty now?49
View 03 May 2019Do you agree with Monica Baey approaching to bring up the peeping tom case61
View 02 May 2019Is it correct for Great Eastern Life to suspend Nicholas Lim as an agent?51
View 02 May 2019Did he education minister acted promptly on the NUS peeping tom case?55
View 01 May 2019How can the government regain the trust of the people?62
View 01 May 2019Was Monica Baey acting correctly in pursuing the Peeping Tom incident?71
View 30 Apr 2019Will NAS Daily operate successfully from Singapore?49
View 30 Apr 2019Should season parking be reserved at higher floors of car parks?55
View 29 Apr 2019If the govt can reduce infrastructure spending by $5 billion, how can it be used?56
View 29 Apr 2019Which option do you prefer to create employment for locals?63
View 28 Apr 2019How do you describe the 34,000 investors of Hyflux?46
View 28 Apr 2019Are you happy with the rule of law in Singapore?57
View 27 Apr 2019Which slogan do you prefer to be adopted by a party that opposes the PAP.55
View 25 Apr 2019How can MAS strengthen its approval process for new securities?55
View 25 Apr 2019How to improve wages for low income workers?53
View 24 Apr 2019Why did EMA increase the power capacity to a disastrous level in 2012-14?52
View 24 Apr 2019Is it good to spend $1.7 billion on the Jewel in Changi?51
View 23 Apr 2019What do you dislike most about the fake news law?54
View 23 Apr 2019What do you like most about the fake news law?49
View 22 Apr 2019Is MAS doing well in protecting investors from fraud and bad practices?52
View 22 Apr 2019Are Singapore ministers well respected?50
View 21 Apr 2019Will the Jewel in Changi be good for Singapore?43
View 21 Apr 2019Has relationship between Sg and MY improved since the Leader's Retreat?35
View 20 Apr 2019Which do you choose to invest for the future?43
View 20 Apr 2019Should the Jewel cater mainly to the passengers or to the general public?36
View 19 Apr 2019Which outcome do you prefer after the next general election46
View 19 Apr 2019The last stage of Circle Line cost $4.85 billion to construct.38
View 18 Apr 2019Was the leaders' retreat between LHL and MM a success?38
View 18 Apr 2019Is the fake news law in Singapore similar to that in other countries?37
View 17 Apr 2019Should the government offer rental flats?40
View 16 Apr 2019Which slogan do you prefer for a united party against PAP (2)?48
View 16 Apr 2019Should we provide the same benefit to citizens regardless of income level?40
View 15 Apr 2019What is a good way for a political party to bring its message to its voters?51
View 15 Apr 2019Should different charges be levied for child care depend on parent's income?43
View 14 Apr 2019Which slogan should a large political party (not PAP) wants to select? 46
View 14 Apr 2019Should Singapore continue to promote home ownership?49
View 13 Apr 2019Do you like our taxi fare structure?41
View 12 Apr 2019Which change do you like to see with the Fake News Law?46
View 12 Apr 2019What cause the problem with Hyflux41
View 11 Apr 2019Is it acceptable for PUB to charge 8 times the actual cost of water?49
View 11 Apr 2019Do you agree with the fake news draft law that is presented to Parliament?48
View 10 Apr 2019How can we solve the HDB problem of depleting value?45
View 10 Apr 2019Will many CPF members lose their savings if allowed to be taken out at 55?42
View 09 Apr 2019Who do you prefer as the next prime minister of Singapore44
View 09 Apr 2019Which political party do you support?42
View 08 Apr 2019Should PUB pay more than $0 for Tuaspring?46
View 08 Apr 2019What should PUB deal with the under-priced tender from Hyflux for Tuaspring?33
View 07 Apr 2019Will the US China trade dispute be settled?42
View 07 Apr 2019Do we have a world class health care system?48
View 06 Apr 2019Is Singapore ready for a non Chinese prime minister?47
View 06 Apr 2019How can hate news be stopped from social media?41
View 05 Apr 2019What should we do to help the Hyflux retail investors?45
View 04 Apr 2019Did the PAP do a good job in running Singapore during the past four years?48
View 04 Apr 2019Should Singapore take measures to increase our birth rate?39
View 03 Apr 2019How will the UK leave the EU?42
View 03 Apr 2019Who will you vote for at the next general election51
View 02 Apr 2019Video logger Nas is coming to Singapore because of lower GST.53
View 02 Apr 2019Thailand Parliament has 250 appointed senators and 500 elected MPs.35
View 01 Apr 2019Was PUB at fault for issuing the tender for the Tuaspring project?45
View 01 Apr 2019How should PM Lee deal with the increasing cost of healthcare?49
View 31 Mar 2019Is it fair for PUB to take over Tuaspring from Hyflux at $0?39
View 31 Mar 2019Were MAS and SGX slow in dealing with the possible disclosure lapses in Hyflux?35
View 30 Mar 2019Do you accept leasehold property will have no value at end of lease.45
View 30 Mar 2019Who is likely to win the election to be the next president of Indonesia?34
View 29 Mar 2019What is the key factor for an employer to recruit a PMET?42
View 29 Mar 2019What change do you like to see with GST?43
View 28 Mar 2019Which incentive will encourage families to have more children?46
View 28 Mar 2019Are employers looking beyond paper qualification to recruit PMETs?39
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