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Issues that have closed recently

View 28 May 2018Why does PM Lee insists on hiking GST to 9% in a few years time?59
View 28 May 2018Which is the most serious problem faced by SME?50
View 28 May 2018Did the meeting between PM Lee and Dr. Mahathir on 19 May went well?55
View 28 May 2018Which issue will have most impact at the next general election?52
View 27 May 2018How can the government help SME?53
View 27 May 2018How can Singapore rebuild relations with the new government in Malaysia?45
View 26 May 2018What is the best way to prepare the government budget?47
View 26 May 2018Should HDB leases be renewed on expiry?46
View 25 May 2018Should ragging be banned?44
View 23 May 2018What cause the death of the SCDF NS man who drowned in the pump well?40
View 22 May 2018Is Dr. Mahathir correct in banning Tun Najib from travel?42
View 22 May 2018Should we have direct elections for town councils?36
View 21 May 2018Should the rentals of hawker stalls be subsidised?41
View 21 May 2018Should the town council be run by elected councillers?41
View 20 May 2018Will the former PM of Malaysia Najid stay to face charges?46
View 20 May 2018Is it good for Singapore to host the Trump Kim summit?41
View 19 May 2018Will we face a serious traffic congestion at Changi Airport when the Jewel opens?37
View 19 May 2018How can we get the 4th generation leaders to listen to the people?41
View 18 May 2018Which name do you prefer to my website for retired journalists to post their articles?35
View 18 May 2018Which factor has the most impact on the swing towards Pakatan Harapan?44
View 17 May 2018Are you satisifed with the manner in which our conscripts are trained? 46
View 17 May 2018Did Lee HL performed well as the chair of ASEAN so far?42
View 16 May 2018What is the best way to reduce inequality in Singapore50
View 16 May 2018Does everyone need to have a degree?48
View 15 May 2018Should PM Najib sue candidates who alleged that he stole money?46
View 15 May 2018Is PM Najib bribing the voters by promising goodies if BN wins that constituency?50
View 14 May 2018Is it good for Li Hongyi to enter politics?52
View 14 May 2018Does Lee HL share the same values as his father, Lee KY?48
View 14 May 2018Which policy change will have the best impact to improve conditions for citizens?46
View 13 May 2018Should foreigners be barred from funding activities deemed to be political?45
View 13 May 2018Should our people be more aware about their rights and obligations as citizens?49
View 12 May 2018What are your views about the death of the NSF due to heat stroke?38
View 12 May 2018Should the SAF provide a compensation for each NS solder who die in service?36
View 11 May 2018What are your views of the alternative May Day event organised by Gilbert Goh?35
View 11 May 2018Should Dr. Mahathir be charged under the fake news law for his allegation about sabotage o33
View 09 May 2018Was Charles Chong fair in accusing Thum Pin Tjin of engineering support for himself?31
View 08 May 2018Is it good for Singapore to host the Trump Kim summit?36
View 08 May 2018Why does Kim Jong Un decide to give up his nuclear programme?41
View 08 May 2018Who do you prefer to be the next prime minister of Malaysia35
View 07 May 2018Should the Zoo put the polar bear Inuka to sleep?40
View 07 May 2018Should euthansia be allowed?33
View 06 May 2018Should members be allowed to withdraw all their CPF savings at 55?52
View 06 May 2018Is Medisave a good scheme?45
View 06 May 2018How can our system ensure that minorities will be better represented in Parliament?45
View 05 May 2018Should employers pay a levy for Employment Pass holders?49
View 05 May 2018Is a new HDB flat a good investment?49
View 04 May 2018Should public sector jobs be reserved for locals only?50
View 04 May 2018Is the GRC system good for Singapore?49
View 03 May 2018What is your impression of the change in the cabinet announced on 24 April 18?51
View 03 May 2018Who will win the general election in Malaysia?42
View 02 May 2018Is it a good idea for the government to send their ministers to run the NTUC?52
View 02 May 2018Is it useful to have an app that allows people to post feedback to large organizations?57
View 01 May 2018Is there an increase in serious traffic accidents in recent months?60
View 01 May 2018Are you impressed with the Jewel in Changi Airport that is opening in 2019?57
View 30 Apr 2018Should e-scooters be banned?56
View 30 Apr 2018Guess the place where Donald Trump will meet Kim Jong Un52
View 29 Apr 2018What are your views about the GRC system?52
View 28 Apr 2018Should GST be abolished?43
View 27 Apr 2018Should the government allow CPF to be used for leases of at least 30 years?49
View 27 Apr 2018Are most Singaporeans self centered and selfish by nature?50
View 26 Apr 2018How long do you expect President Xi to rule China?61
View 26 Apr 2018Where do you expect Desmond Kuek to go after leaving SMRT?59
View 25 Apr 2018What option should the government allow on the expiry of the lease of HDB flat62
View 24 Apr 2018Will many people vote against PAP due to the depleting value of HDB flat?59
View 23 Apr 2018Is the open letter in support of historian Tham Pin Tjin an embarrassment for the governme60
View 23 Apr 2018Is America, UK and France justified in attacking the chemical facilities of Syria? 57
View 23 Apr 2018Which world leader do you respect most?60
View 23 Apr 2018Which ASEAN leader do you respect most?55
View 22 Apr 2018Is it fair for the HDB flats to be worth nothing at the end of the 99 year lease?63
View 21 Apr 2018What is the worst decision of the PAP in the past two decades?56
View 21 Apr 2018What is your reaction when you see poor attendance of MPs in Parliament?53
View 19 Apr 2018Do you agree with the High Court decision that there is no need to call a by-election for 37
View 17 Apr 2018Should there be a cap on the charges for legal services?19
View 17 Apr 2018Should visitors be required to give up their NRIC when they visit an office building?15
View 17 Apr 2018Will Dr. Mahathir win over the Malay votes for the opposition alliance?15
View 16 Apr 2018What will happen to the MPs when they are charged for mis-managing the Aljunied Town Counc19
View 16 Apr 2018Would Chen Show Mao be a better leader for the Workers' Party?19
View 16 Apr 2018Will the Worker Party forge ahead under Pritam Singh?21
View 15 Apr 2018Is President Trump performing well as President of USA?19
View 15 Apr 2018How well in Xi Jing Ping performing as President of China?17
View 15 Apr 2018Do you expect the trade war between US and China to get worse?20
View 08 Apr 2018What is your opinion of Law Minister Shanmugam?28
View 08 Apr 2018Do you agree with Han HH's removal from the Select Committee hearing.25
View 08 Apr 2018Do you agree with the lengthy grilling of the historian Thum Pin Ping Tjin?27
View 07 Apr 2018Will North Korea give up its nuclear development?20
View 06 Apr 2018What is your view about the select committee hearing on online fake news?25
View 06 Apr 2018What is your view about the small online news websites21
View 05 Apr 2018Should teachers be required to pay a fee to park their cars in schools?27
View 05 Apr 2018Should the government pass a law to deal with deliberate fake news?25
View 04 Apr 2018Why does the attorney General charge Li Shengwu for criticising the judiciary.24
View 03 Apr 2018Should the government approve the merger of Uber and Grab in Singapore?31
View 03 Apr 2018Should there be a law to impose penalty on riders for indiscriminate parking of shared bik28
View 03 Apr 2018Should the restriction on Thaipusam procession be removed?29
View 02 Apr 2018How can the government reduce the cost of living for ordinary people?28
View 01 Apr 2018How did Donald Trump win the US Presidential Election?26
View 01 Apr 2018How was China's response to the US trade tariff?24
View 01 Apr 2018Will Facebook suffer a major backlash for the hacking of its data?25
View 31 Mar 2018Is it good to change the labour chief to Ng Chee Meng?23
View 31 Mar 2018Who will form the next government in Malaysia?24
View 31 Mar 2018Do you agree with the power given to police to issue a Communication Stop Order?21
View 30 Mar 2018Where will Chan Chun Sing go after leaving NTUC?27
View 29 Mar 2018Should the government reserve public sector jobs only for locals?32
View 29 Mar 2018Should the government give a wage subsidy to private sector employers to employ locals?29
View 28 Mar 2018Will PM Lee's efforts as chair of ASEAN benefit Singapore?26
View 28 Mar 2018Can patients trust their doctors to be ethical and avoid over servicing?28
View 28 Mar 2018How will China respond to strong tariffs imposed by President Trump?25
View 28 Mar 2018What will happen to the US Dollar when China sells a large holding of US Treasuries?24
View 27 Mar 2018Will the increase in passenger levy affect the people using Changi Airport?31
View 26 Mar 2018Does the Marina Barrage help to reduce flooding in Singapore?23
View 26 Mar 2018Is the Singapore economy in good shape?25
View 26 Mar 2018Should the deductible under basic Medishield be removed?21
View 25 Mar 2018Should the Deductible be removed from the Medishield and integrated plans?22
View 25 Mar 2018Is the government spending the tax revenue prudently and wisely?25
View 22 Mar 2018What is the best way to control the escalation of medical charges25
View 22 Mar 2018What are your views about the abrupt change in the US secretary of state21
View 22 Mar 2018Should Singapore send troops to Iraq?20
View 21 Mar 2018What is the best way to control the spiraling cost of health care31
View 21 Mar 2018Should schools start later in the morning?23
View 19 Mar 2018Did the government floated a "test balloon" on the GST hike?33
View 19 Mar 2018Will the "test ballon" saga in Parliament affect the votes at the next general election?38
View 19 Mar 2018What is your opinion of the PAP ministers involved in the "test balloon" saga?32
View 17 Mar 2018What are your views about Ong Ye Kung?35
View 17 Mar 2018What are your views about Heng Swee Keat?36
View 17 Mar 2018Do you support the government's plan to increase GST to provide more social benefits41
View 16 Mar 2018Should the public be allowed to buy a rider to cover the full co-payment under a private S37
View 15 Mar 2018Do you expect North Korea to abandan their nuclear development in 2018?44
View 15 Mar 2018Is Sylvia Lim's remark about the trial balloon offensive?57
View 15 Mar 2018Do you support the building of terminal 546
View 14 Mar 2018Should we remove PSLE?40
View 12 Mar 2018Do you agree with PM Lee's praise of Low TK's speech on the role of Singapore?42
View 12 Mar 2018What is the best way for the government to deal with "fake news"?37
View 11 Mar 2018Do we need to maintain the current level of spending on defense?42
View 11 Mar 2018Will the US tariff on steel and aluminium lead to a trade war?33
View 11 Mar 2018What is the best way to buy life insurance?35
View 10 Mar 2018Is the government being honest by announcing a GST hike in advance?46
View 10 Mar 2018Do you agree with the government decison to forego the increase in minister's salary?49
View 09 Mar 2018What are your views about Chan Chun Sing?46
View 09 Mar 2018Should people attend the protest in Hong Lim Park against the proposed increase in GST?46
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