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Issues that have closed recently

View 22 Jan 2018Which political party will you vote for at the next general election?20
View 22 Jan 2018If there is a bad economy in 2020, will PAP get more votes or less votes?20
View 22 Jan 2018Will GST be raised in budget 2018?23
View 20 Jan 2018Will private property prices move higher over the next two years?25
View 20 Jan 2018Do you agree with the use of the former names for the merged junior colleges?24
View 19 Jan 2018What are your views about the fire in Toa Payoh?25
View 19 Jan 2018Do you agree with the government's concern about fake news?30
View 16 Jan 2018What can Singapore do to become a sporting nation?32
View 16 Jan 2018Who should take the responsibility for the bribery committed by Keppel Offshore & Marine35
View 16 Jan 2018Is it a good strategy for the Pakatan coalition to pick Dr. Mahathir as PM designate?27
View 13 Jan 2018Should Singapore celebrate its bicentennial of its founding by Stamford Raffles in 2019?35
View 12 Jan 2018Why does Grace Fu insist that Leon Pereira (LP) apologise to the House of Parliament?49
View 12 Jan 2018Which factor will cause the biggest swing away from PAP at the next general election?45
View 12 Jan 2018Which factor will cause the biggest swing away from PAP at the next general election (#2)42
View 11 Jan 2018Will Singaporeans be prepared to pay for news?46
View 11 Jan 2018Will Nicole Seah do well at the next general election under the Workers' Party?48
View 09 Jan 2018Do you have faith in the fourth generation leadership of Singapore?56
View 09 Jan 2018Is PM Lee largely responsible for the setbacks faced by Singapore during 2017?57
View 09 Jan 2018Do you expect war in the Korean Peninsula in 2018?51
View 09 Jan 2018What will happen to Bitcoin in 2018?45
View 08 Jan 2018How can we stop a case from dragging so long in the court?49
View 07 Jan 2018Why does the Indonesian couple need to fight AIA for 10 years over a fake policy?42
View 06 Jan 2018Will President Trump impose trade restrictions on China in 2018?49
View 05 Jan 2018How did President Trump performed in 2017?52
View 05 Jan 2018How did PM Lee perform in 201762
View 04 Jan 2018Should China continue its restriction on burning coal for heating?53
View 04 Jan 2018Why does it take longer to clear immigration at Singapore end, compared to JB end?51
View 04 Jan 2018How can we give a better deal for hawkers?53
View 03 Jan 2018Should a company gives bribes when tendering for big jobs in a country where bribery is pr48
View 30 Dec 2017Will the chief commuter engagement officer help to improve the performance of SMRT?44
View 30 Dec 2017Is Alibaba acting reasonably in disrupting the service provided by ezbuy?37
View 29 Dec 2017Do you agree with the law ministers that the public should not influence the sentencing ma60
View 29 Dec 2017How can pop idols manage their stress and depression?52
View 29 Dec 2017Was the expensive investigation necessary53
View 28 Dec 2017How was it possible for a syndicate to cheat Skills Future of $40 million in fake claims?71
View 26 Dec 2017What are your views about Air Asia?83
View 26 Dec 2017Which is your favorite low cost airline?88
View 25 Dec 2017 Which economic strategy should the government take? 104
View 25 Dec 2017What about your views about the quick response teams to counter terrorist attacks?100
View 24 Dec 2017How much should a hawker assistant be paid a month for 40 hour work per week?106
View 23 Dec 2017Why does HDB want to build 17,000 new flats next year?104
View 23 Dec 2017Should banks impose a charge for cash withdrawals at ATMs?106
View 21 Dec 2017Will the electric car sharing scheme operated by Blue SG be successful?82
View 21 Dec 2017Will a cafe charges, that charges twice the price of ordinary outlets, be viable? 83
View 21 Dec 2017Is it a good idea for Mindef to hire hackers to test the weaknesses in their internet port80
View 20 Dec 2017Will PM Najib granted Anwar Ibrahim's requrest for an early release from prison? 34
View 19 Dec 2017Are we already a Smart Nation?42
View 18 Dec 2017Is the fight between Comfort and Grab good for consumers?44
View 18 Dec 2017Will President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Isreal lead to more problems38
View 18 Dec 2017Do you agree with the strong action taken by the police against the illegal brothels?43
View 17 Dec 2017What is the main cause for the low birth rate in Singapore?43
View 17 Dec 2017Should MAS disallow insurers from rejecting claims due to alleged non-disclosure of past m40
View 16 Dec 2017Should the citizenship of the S League player be taken away for global match fixing?36
View 15 Dec 2017Should condo owners be allowed to rent our their apartment for short term stay under AirBN39
View 15 Dec 2017Should we worry about the increasing number of elderly in the population?36
View 14 Dec 2017Do you expect Seah MM (current chairman) to take over as CEO of SMRT?49
View 14 Dec 2017Did Li Shengwu scandalised the court by referring to a "pliant court system"?47
View 14 Dec 2017Why did the government decide to act against Li Shengwu?52
View 12 Dec 2017Should e-bikes be banned from walkways?49
View 11 Dec 2017Is it good for people to queue for many hours at the opening of the Gong Cha outlet?45
View 09 Dec 2017What should commuters do with the frequent breakdown of the MRT trains?50
View 09 Dec 2017Should e-scooters be banned from the roads?47
View 09 Dec 2017Should the mandatory death sentence for drug offences be removed?45
View 09 Dec 2017Are the sentences given to the couple who tortured the disabled waitress adequate?41
View 08 Dec 2017What is the most important cause of a high level of depression in Singapore?50
View 08 Dec 2017Should Jolovan Wham be charged for organizing the silent protest in the MRT train?47
View 04 Dec 2017Are we paying too much ($195 million) for the Thales signal system?42
View 04 Dec 2017Is the PAP government too intrusive?40
View 04 Dec 2017Should consumers shop for groceries online?40
View 03 Dec 2017Do we need so many security guards in Singapore?40
View 29 Nov 2017Are the maintenance staff of SMRT productive?33
View 28 Nov 2017Is there a need for the govenrment to raise taxes?48
View 27 Nov 2017What is the difference in prices between Fairprice and Cold Storage supermarkets?41
View 27 Nov 2017When do you expect the government to increase GST?46
View 26 Nov 2017Is Singapore maintaining a high standard of integrity and non-corruptability?58
View 25 Nov 2017Should Khaw BW continue as minister of transport?56
View 25 Nov 2017What is the best way to fix the problems with the NS and EW lines?48
View 24 Nov 2017What is your view about the train accident in Joo Koon MRT station?56
View 24 Nov 2017Should SMRT revert back to the old signal system?52
View 23 Nov 2017PM Lee wants to play a more active role as chair of ASEAN in 201854
View 23 Nov 2017What is the top priority for PM Lee to address in 2018?54
View 23 Nov 2017If Sylvia Lim is elected as leader of the Workers Party, will she change the past policies50
View 22 Nov 2017Should the bus operators recruit only locals to be bus drivers?55
View 21 Nov 2017Should SMRT re-employ the maintenance staff that it retrenched earlier?47
View 21 Nov 2017PM Lee said that ASEAN should stay united on issues of concern. What are your views?50
View 20 Nov 2017What are your views about the Transpacific Partnership without America?44
View 20 Nov 2017Should MAS take stronger action against scams?50
View 19 Nov 2017How can we deal with crowded food courts?48
View 19 Nov 2017Are you worried about the increase in prices of HDB resale flats?51
View 18 Nov 2017What is the best way to promote cashless payments?36
View 17 Nov 2017Should private clinics be required by law to submit patient records to a national database44
View 17 Nov 2017Should Desmond Kuek continue as CEO of SMRT?45
View 17 Nov 2017Should Parliamentary sessions be streamed life?41
View 16 Nov 2017Do we need to call an independent inquiry into the flooded tunnel?44
View 16 Nov 2017Is it good to have performance bonus in the public sector?48
View 15 Nov 2017Do you agree with the minister that there is no lapses from MOT and LTA staff?47
View 15 Nov 2017Do you agree with the minister that the enbloc fever may not lead to higher property price45
View 14 Nov 2017How do you react to the Texas church shooting where 20 people are killed?45
View 14 Nov 2017Is the increased flooding in many countries due to climate change?46
View 13 Nov 2017Should a formal inquiry be called to look into the lapses at SMRT?55
View 13 Nov 2017Why does Low Thia Khiang plan to step down from Workers' Party?50
View 13 Nov 2017Who is the best person to take over as leader of Worker Party?53
View 13 Nov 2017Will you support Amos Yee in his pursuit of video making?44
View 13 Nov 2017Which country has the most successful economic system and strategy?43
View 11 Nov 2017Should Apple arrange an online queuing system for its customers to buy the new iPhone X?43
View 11 Nov 2017Was it a good approach for SMRT to allow its staff to confess any past wrong doings?47
View 10 Nov 2017Many companies are now launching their cashless payments. Is it a good idea?46
View 09 Nov 2017Should our schools start at a later hour?45
View 09 Nov 2017How can the government help the retail and F&B sector to cope with high rentals?41
View 08 Nov 2017Do you like the Marina Bay floating platform to be used for future National Day Parades?50
View 08 Nov 2017Do you like the bus services to stop every 2 km and for the intermediate stops to be serve46
View 07 Nov 2017How can readers help the independent news websites to be viable?40
View 07 Nov 2017Will Singapore face the challenge of food security in the future?42
View 06 Nov 2017Should the government reduce funding for Masters program and use the money for short term 39
View 06 Nov 2017Do Singaporeans have a narrow perspective on issues affecting their future?42
View 06 Nov 2017The website "The Middle Ground" will close down soon. Your reaction?37
View 05 Nov 2017Is the employment situation improving in Singapore?41
View 05 Nov 2017Do you expect the Singapore economy to improve in the near future?40
View 04 Nov 2017Why was the previous King Bhumibol of Thailand so much loved by the people?40
View 04 Nov 2017How should Singapore's national service policy be changed?40
View 03 Nov 2017Do you agree with the spending of $19 billion in new aircraft by SIA?44
View 03 Nov 2017Was PM Lee's visit to USA successful so far?44
View 03 Nov 2017Is it good for the world for Xi Jinping to be a powerful leader in China?36
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