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Issues that have closed recently

View 23 Mar 2017Which minister do you DISLIKE the most?103
View 23 Mar 2017Which minister do you LIKE best?103
View 22 Mar 2017Are you happy with the performance of PM Lee Hsien Loong (Poll #2)101
View 22 Mar 2017How do you find Groupon?108
View 22 Mar 2017Is it a good policy to allow taxis to adopt surge pricing?107
View 21 Mar 2017If we introduce a minimum wage in Singapore, will it make domestic maids very costly?103
View 21 Mar 2017Should the 14 days of sick leave in the employment act be changed?100
View 21 Mar 2017Should we install a count down timer for the green man at pedestrian crossings?101
View 21 Mar 2017Should MAS introduce a limit on payment in coins?87
View 21 Mar 2017How much should a cleaner earn in Singapore in gross monthly salary, before deducting CPF?101
View 18 Mar 2017What are your views about the property market over the next two years?57
View 17 Mar 2017Are you happy with the performance of PM Lee Hsien Loong50
View 16 Mar 2017Are you strongly against the increase of 30% in the water price?56
View 15 Mar 2017Do you accept the impending increase in the price of water of 30%?50
View 15 Mar 2017Why does the government want to increase the price of water by 30%?51
View 12 Mar 2017Do you expect the Singapore economy to do well in the future?46
View 12 Mar 2017Who will emerge as the strongest economy over the next ten years52
View 12 Mar 2017Which country is most important to Singapore over the next 5 years?55
View 12 Mar 2017Should Singapore change its policy on National Service?51
View 12 Mar 2017Who do you like to see as the next prime minister of Singapore45
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