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Issues that have closed recently

View 23 Jun 2017Should Lee HL sue his brother and sister for defamation?91
View 22 Jun 2017Which side do you support in the dispute within the Lee family?95
View 22 Jun 2017Is it likely that Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang will enter politics?91
View 22 Jun 2017Why does Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang bring to dispute into the open?91
View 22 Jun 2017Have you heard of the word "Ozymandias" before?90
View 22 Jun 2017Why is Lee HL quite popular among a large segment of Singapore?89
View 20 Jun 2017How do you rate the performance of foreign minister, Vivian Balakrishnan85
View 19 Jun 2017What is the best way to deal with jihadists who returned to Singapore?73
View 19 Jun 2017Do you agree with M Ravi's action to challenge the Elected President scheme outside Singap72
View 19 Jun 2017Which government policy should be changed on top priority?74
View 16 Jun 2017Why are prices of baby milk powder so much higher in Singapore than Malaysia and Australia59
View 16 Jun 2017Who is responsible for making this world unsafe, due to terrorism?60
View 16 Jun 2017Is the Police short of manpower to patrol the streets?60
View 12 Jun 2017Who do you prefer to take over as the next prime minister of Singapore46
View 12 Jun 2017Why does President Trump pull Americal out of the Paris climate accord?44
View 12 Jun 2017Will there be a contest for the Presidential Election 201745
View 08 Jun 2017Who will win the UK general election?32
View 06 Jun 2017How should America stop North Korea from testing their missles?46
View 05 Jun 2017Will Donald Trump complete his first term as President of America?45
View 05 Jun 2017Should single mothers be allowed to get subsidized HDB flats?45
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