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You can now view the results of the voting on these issues

View 16 Jul 2017What are your views on the court's decision to reject Dr. Tan Cheng Bock's challenge? 80
View 05 Jun 2017Should single mothers be allowed to get subsidized HDB flats?45
View 02 Jun 2017Is it important for Singapore to rebuild our relationship and trust with China?36
View 26 May 2017What did you provide to your baby?38
View 19 May 2017Disallow aggressive advertising on formula milk power54
View 18 May 2017What action should be taken for cheating on the CHAS scheme?53
View 07 May 2017Should the government create jobs for the unemployed?64
View 01 May 2017Do you agree with the reduced sentence given by the appeal court in the City Harvest case?59
View 26 Apr 2017If America attack North Korea, what will China do?71
View 26 Apr 2017How can the government help old folks at Sungei Road market71
View 22 Apr 2017Should Orchard Road be made car free?52
View 13 Apr 2017Is our current system of an Elected President a good concept? 65
View 11 Apr 2017Unattended bag at Hougang MRT station74
View 08 Apr 2017Who will you vote as the next Elected President of Singapore, if it is an open election?86
View 07 Apr 2017What is the main factor contributing to the low birth rate in Singapore?82
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